Elect Kirner for Judge

Medina Domestic Relations Court



Career Highlights

Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

Parenting Coordinator (PC)

Owner and Partner at Kirner and Boldt, Co. LPA

Parma Bar Association Member (past president)

Medina County Bar Association Member

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Member

Center for Principled Advocacy (current president)

Served on Fee Dispute Committee

Served on Character and Fitness Committee


Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
at Cleveland State University

Cleveland, Ohio
J.D. - 2006


Syracuse University
Syracuse, New York
B.S. - 1997

Legal Career

Pete graduated from Law school in 2006, passed the bar and began practicing at his Father’s law firm Kirner and Boldt, Co. LPA.   He has been practicing mostly domestic relations law (divorce, dissolution, custody, child support) for the duration of his career.

Aside from his standard law practice advocating for his clients, he has also done substantial work as a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), since approximately 2010.   A G.A.L. is an attorney who represents the best interest of the children in divorce cases. They do an investigation, and if an agreement cannot be reached between the parties, they draft a report and recommendation that sets out what they believe is in the best interest of the children.  The recommendations are focused largely on custody or shared parenting, as well as specific parenting time.

The Courts rely heavily on G.A.L.’s thoughts and perspectives because they are in the trenches with the parties and they are able to connect with parents, children and valuable collateral sources such as counselors and teachers.

Pete also acts as a Parenting Coordinator (PC).  A P.C. is an attorney who acts as a referee for parents after the case has settled or been decided by the Court. This is a quasi-judicial roll that helps the parties to have a debate resolved quickly and without the need of having to retain counsel and return to Court.

Both of these roles make Pete uniquely qualified for the role as Judge.  These are both “neutral” roles where viewing both sides, applying the law is necessary to get to an appropriate outcome.

His father retired several years ago, and Pete took on an ownership and partner role in the firm. He is also a member of the Parma Bar Association (past president), the Medina County Bar Association, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar association, and the Center for Principled Advocacy (current president).  He has served on several committees, including the fee dispute committee and the Character and Fitness committee, which ensures that new Bar applicants are appropriate to sit for the Bar exam.  Pete was also a teacher at Stautzenberger college, in the paralegal program for a short time.

Meet Pete

Pete Kirner was born and raised in Parma, Ohio.  He attended St. Anthony Grade school, and then St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland.   In 1997, he graduated from Syracuse University, with a BS in Retail and a minor in Management.   Directly after college, headed to the east coast and lived in Boston, where he lived in and renovated a 225 year-old, two family home.  After that, he relocated to Hoboken, NJ to be with his now Wife, Robin who he met in college.  For those years he worked in several corporate operations management roles.  In 2002, he decided it was time for a change and moved back home to Ohio to study at Cleveland Marshall College of Law.  Meanwhile, he married Robin, and began renovating a few homes in the Parma Circle area.  In 2013, they moved into their current home in Hinckley and his parents moved just a few houses away a few years later.


Pete and Robin will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in 2023.  They are huge nature and animal lovers and they also have a dog named Olive.  He is an avid bass fisherman, enjoys shooting sporting clays and is a member of the NRA.  Enjoying the outdoors and fitness is a big part of his life.  Olive also loves every minute of hiking and exploring along side him.

Goals if Elected

Being a Judge was always something that Pete contemplated, however the reality of the same did not come to fruition until the unfortunate and untimely passing of Judge Mary Kovak. Pete has practiced largely in Cuyahoga, Medina and Lorain counties since 2006 and he has practiced in front of many different Judges and magistrates. Some courts have a hands-off approach to their cases, and others are more hands on.

Pete wants to have a hands-on approach with a goal of setting specific hearings to follow up on temporary orders (parenting and support), discovery and settlement. If possible, Pete wants to work with the clerk of Courts and put in place on-line filings as well as on line Court docket.

Divorces and Custody disputes are generally very emotionally charged and costly. Unfortunately, the process is not fast as it requires investigations and information gathering from both sides as well as neutrals like G.A.L.’s or private custody evaluators. Pete’s main goals if elected is to hold parties and their respective counsel for meeting and complying with timeframes set by the Court. Pete wants to ensure that the Court rules timely on motions and does not waste the parties valuable time and money. However, he also wants to ensure that parties do not waste the Court’s time or the other side’s time and money. The goal will be to manage these cases in the most efficient and beneficial way as possible. He further plans to update the local rules of Court including but not limited to putting in place a PC rule, fully instituting the role in the County.